About Us

SLF Management Resources Inc.,

is a staffing agency providing vast range of different skilled and non-skilled manpower in different field of manpower needs.

Changing situation in Manpower Supplies SLF evolved in different field. As we started 2 years ago we provide staffing services to different hospitals including back-up office personnel, janitorial services and site management and supervision since our founder are medical field practitioner.

As time goes by, there are some companies who requested manpower sup- plies in the field of construction company. And we started the our first client we immediately hired engineers and experienced staff with excellent experi- ence in construction and mining industry.

SLF will help to ensure that the success in the future is providing individual and excellent team that understand your needs and help with greater flexibil- ity. Business today is demanding the capability to turn out quality skilled, Non-Skilled, and professional workers.

SLF objective to is help and achieve the quality of manpower that you are looking for. The use of contract outsourcing frees your worries of essential people to concentrate on your core business activities. Our core is the provi- sional of Qualified Human Resources (Technical or Non Technical) wherein you can place confidence in SLF Management Resources Inc. capable consist- ently meeting your needs and standard of quality you required.

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To provide our clients with the highest quality manpower supplier services and to deliver services
that will contribute to the project.


To become the leading and trusted partner solution in manpower services providing client satisfaction and
consistently exceed expectations.


Our Founder

The Founders are veteran and accomplished nurses with a combined 100 plus years in nursing experience here in the Philippines and the United States. Also, the owners of RNExpress in New York & financially supported the whole operation of SLF in the Philippines.


Sally F. Nuñez

PHRN/USRN, BSN Graduate at Colegio de Santa Isabel located in Naga City, Camarines Sur (Cum Laude)

VP Marketing

Lea L. Batomalaque

PHRN/USRN, Co-Founder, BSN Graduate at West Visayas State University, Iloilo City (Cum Laude)

VP Finance

Florida R. Lucas

PHRN/USRN, Co-Founder, BSN Graduate at Marian College of Nursing, Manila (Graduated With Honors)