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Rapid Diagnostic Test Package

Our company SLF Management Resources Inc. Homecare Staffing/Medical Services is doing rapid tests for company employees (Using FDA approved rapid test Kits). Testing will be administered by our medical team and supervised by our doctor for the immediate result interpretation. The package may include the kit or we can use your own kit and we will do the medical services.


Medical Services / Procedures

  • Pre Screening

    Pre-screening procedures and interviews per pax before tested

  • Visit

    Ocular Visit prior to testing date

  • Interpretation

    Test Result Interpretation

  • Turn-Over

    Test Result data turn-over

  • Certification

    Medical Certification

Launched in October 2017 in New York City, BackApp is a 24/7 staffing solution that connects healthcare facilities and professionals, home-based patients, and staffing agencies that need top-notch nurses and caregivers. To date, it has served 5 healthcare facilities, 862+ staffing requests, 10,000+ staffing hours, and 100+ licensed nurses, practical nurses, and caregivers.

It is a mobile application developed by SLF Management Solutions to simplify the fulfillment process of staffing needs using innovative method.

BackApp proves to be a more cost-effective solution in managing staffing needs and Healthcare professionals are also benefited as they can manage their own time, get better compensation, and work in a different environment.

This mobile solution provides an easy and intuitive user interface (UI) to which many healthcare organizations can connect with professionals & deliver efficient services. It is already available to be downloaded from both AppStore (iOS) and PlayStore (Android) using mobile phones or tablets.

For more information about BackApp,
visit SLF Management website.

For Institution

* Get 24-hour Staffing solution
* Save time for calling each employee
* Eliminate Overtime
* Quality Healthcare Professionals

For Institution

For Nurses and Caregivers

* On-the-job Training
* Get Additional and Better Compensation
* Flexible Schedule
* Work in a Different Environment

For Nurses and Caregivers

For Homecare

* Reliable and safe healthcare services
* Delivery of the finest healthcare service in the comfort of your home
* Coordination of care with your Healthcare services
* Limit costly hospital admission through monitoring and ongoing client and family health teaching

For Homecare

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